Miacademy Unleashes the Power of Personalized Learning

Miacademy Changes Approach To Learning, Using Dragons and Fashion To Teach Math & Spelling


MENLO PARK, CA, March 03, 2017 – Miaplaza Inc. is excited to announce the launch of Miacademy, their latest online learning platform aimed at providing personalized, adaptive learning to children at the elementary and middle school levels. Miacademy provides every child with an individualized Learning Path that adjusts to that child’s unique learning style and speed.

Miacademy encourages learning by focusing on engagement. High-interest content is provided across a range of academic levels and in a variety of forms, including videos, games & quizzes. Rewards are provided when learning tasks have been accomplished that appeal to a wide  variety of learners and include earning gold coins, writing for the site’s newspaper, raising and racing dragons, and designing castles, furniture, art and apparel.

“As parents of five kids, my wife and I have signed up our children on many online learning sites. We’ve found that while many of the sites have great content, the experience is not engaging enough for kids to return day after day. Miacademy was designed to address this need,” says Dr. Johannes Ziegler, founder of Miaplaza Inc.

Some of the specific features added to Miacademy to empower this adaptive learning include:

  • simple-to-follow teaching videos paired with learning games
  • difficulty levels that can be adjusted for each topic
  • support for parents and teachers  
  • immediate feedback for students

How does Miacademy help special needs learners?

  • a distraction-free environment
  • questions and answers can be read aloud for students with reading difficulties
  • option to choose between phonological or whole word reading
  • ample time to answer questions in games with clear auditory feedback

The Miacademy platform also provides robust tools for parents & teachers to use alongside their children.  Every child membership comes with a free parent account that allows parents to chose individual learning levels for their children and monitor their activities and progress.  A premium parent membership is also available that allows parents to assign specific learning, track academic growth, and print customizable report cards.

Consultation for Miacademy development  was provided by Gabriella Volpe, B.Ed., an expert in special needs education.  Ms. Volpe says of the site, “With Miacademy, children learn at their own pace as they are challenged daily in core subjects like math and language arts, but also in other subjects like geography/history, music & arts, science, and foreign languages. The site monitors your child’s progress and selects the next learning challenge based on the results.”  Ms.Volpe’s full review of the site can be seen at http://www.gabriellavolpe.com/miacademy-learning-that-adapts-to-each-child-website-review/

Miacademy offers free trial memberships (no credit card required!) to allow students and parents to sample the site before subscribing. Need a full account for review purposes? Please contact us for an activation code.

About Miaplaza Inc.

Miaplaza, Inc. offers the learn-and-play websites Miacademy, Always Icecream, and Clever Dragons, as well as over 60 iPhone and iOS apps for learners of all ages and abilities. The company has been developing learning websites for 10 years and has served hundreds of thousands of users.

Press Contact: Barbara Cook, Miaplaza Marketing Consultant
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