Miaplaza, Inc. makes three online learning sites for elementary through middle school children. Our first learning website, Always Icecream (a name chosen by its young users), was born out of the founders’ desire for a safe place for their daughters to learn and play online. Next came the brother site, Clever Dragons. In 2016, Miacademy was introduced, along with its adorable robot guide, Mia. 

Miaplaza also publishes a comprehensive line of learning apps for iOS, including the critically acclaimed Geo Touch geography learning tool.

Learning with Miaplaza

What makes learning different on a Miaplaza site? On Miacademy, Clever Dragons, and Always Icecream, students go beyond rote learning and venture into real-world activities, but with the support and scaffolding of behind-the-scenes moderators and educators to ensure safety and success.

Learning here is:

  • Creative
  • Interactive
  • Comprehensive
  • Rigorous

All Miaplaza learning sites offer a personalized learning algorithm that suggests next steps as students successfully complete challenges. Optional premium management accounts allow teachers or parents to assign specific learning areas including assessments.

Students earn digital currency as they progress, which they can they spend in reward areas of the site, for example by designing and furnishing a digital castle or adopting and nurturing an online pet.

Real life learning

Each member of a Miaplaza website can open his own online business. Inventory is created in the Design Studio, beginning with templates purchased using in-game currency earned in curricular areas. Students customize art, furniture, and fashion templates, then price and advertise them. A unique My Business area allows them to monitor sales as other site members visit and purchase from their shops.

Each site offers a weekly online newspaper written by and for site members. Learners have the opportunity to comment constructively on one another’s work and to include artwork created in the site’s Design Studio.

Comprehensive curriculum

Miaplaza sites offer curriculum in a wide variety of subject areas, including:

  • Language arts
  • Math, from
  • Geography
  • History
  • Music
  • Art
  • Foreign languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Chinese, as well as material for young or new English Language Learners
  • Life Skills
  • Biblical Studies (like all curricular areas, this is optional; administrators/parents can choose a secular version of each site if desired)

Each site contains hundreds of learning games in different formats, including the popular interactive Dragon Race. We also offer over a hundred original learning videos, designed to coordinate with the learning games. More videos and learning games are added regularly, making a Miaplaza learning site subscription an ever better value.

Our founders

Learn more about our founders and teachers, parents, and software professionals on our team at (or the About section of any of our learning websites).

Our technology